For Resort Operators

The Yes approach to operating vacation rental homes will stun you at first, then make you smile from ear to ear. Especially if your lodging units are unique, unusual or even remote.

That is because we have designed, created the best management program to run rentals for maximum profit, minimum fuss and great flexibility for owners. The secret sauce is decades of experience, innovative people pleasing. The backbone is technology that connects every aspect.<.p>

That allows us to say Yes to everything you need to have true professionals making it all happen.

  • Yes - Low flexible commissions
  • Yes - Start up fee not required.
  • Yes - Long term contract not required.
  • Yes - Exclusive relationship not required (Do your own bookings!)
  • Yes - No limit on owner stays.
  • Yes - Manager lives close by.
  • Yes - Huge advertising budget.
  • Yes - Phones open long hours.
  • Yes - Screen & quality guests.
  • Yes - Basic services free (Change light bulbs, etc.)
  • Yes - Timely simple monthly statements.

See what property owners say about us.

Best Practices. Absolutely.

In every case, in every way we employ the best known practices to manage your home, keep it safe and make you money. It should be easy and reliable for you. Our commitment is without limit.

  • Yes - We partner with owners for friendly success .
  • Yes - Owner friendly procedures.
  • Yes - Guest rules & regulations.
  • Yes - Experienced, dedicated professionals.
  • Yes - Trained & Certified managers.
  • Yes - Trained housekeepers & maintenance.
  • Yes - Seasonal cleans & preventative maintenance.
  • Yes - The best easy to use websites.
  • Yes - Online instant bookings.
  • Yes - Owner private pages.
  • Yes - Beautiful graphics and HDR photos.
  • Yes - Dynamic rates for supply & demands.
  • Yes - Collect & Pay local taxes.

Ready to serve you now.

  • Yes - Easy to get started.
  • Yes - Fast to get started.
  • Yes - We only make money when you make money.

We can answer your questions today. Call William May at 866-579-1355 extension 902.